'Highest colt sale I have ever attended', replied many

Oct 31, 2020 at 12:27 am by cindy4dixie

Absolutely Amazing!

The 2020 Farm Colt Sale organized by Stoltzfus and Smucker reached prices unimaginable in the weanling mule colt world.

Over all sale averaged over $4400 a head.  There were zero no sales.

A weanling molly mule colt topped out at $8300.  A three month old jack stood at $7800 when the final hammer fell.

Out of 52 mule colts, less than 15 fell under $4000.  With three colts bringing $5000 and above, this left the majority of the colts (approximately over 30 head) landing in the $4000 range.

Abner Stoltzfus colts were again outstanding.  Ben Smucker had a difficult year in 2019 with colts but his rebound with new jack 'Roy' was amazing.  He offered 15 weanling colts for consideration this year.  All were outstanding quality and blonde.

Watch for pictures and a full report in the December Dixie Magazine.


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