Adin Hoover provides insight to January 7th mule sale

Dec 29, 2020 at 12:45 am by cindy4dixie

Adin Hoover is excited about the upcoming Hoover Mule Sale set for January 7th 2021.  Hoover reported, as of today December 28th, the mule sale consignments are very encouraging with the expectation in numbers being around the 150 mark on sale day.   When asked for a 'prediction on January prices', Hoover had the same answer as most in the industry, 'I think we are going to see prices never seen before'.  Hoover will not be the only one making this prediction, as everyday chatter on mule prices seem to boil down to one word 'high'.

Hoover reports the family is receiving calls from buyers and interested parties on already consigned stock being advertised through social media.  Hoover shared even though his 2021 sale is at a new location, Christian Co Livestock of Hopkinsville KY, that regular customers, as well as new ones are following his sale.  He reports hearing from many out of state buyers as of this date.

January sales always bring interest in colts.  Adin Hoover, along with others, feel the presence of colts at January sales will be small in numbers.  This will not be due to a shortage of colts, but more so due to the specialized sales held in the fall featuring only colts.  Of course, the definition of a colt in the mule world varies.  A colt sale usually takes in two year olds and younger.  With that being said, also consider two year olds can fall into the regular mule sales as well, due to many two year olds are ready to begin light work and have already been in the lines.  

Adin Hoover's final statement on his upcoming sale, 'we are excited'.  He shared it has become a sale many in his family work together to produce, 'I think this makes me want to work toward the sale being more successful than ever'.  

Hoover invites anyone wishing to speak to him about the upcoming sale to call anytime 270-265-9150.  




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