It is what it is .... mule sale news for first week and January 2020

Jan 05, 2021 at 08:12 pm by cindy4dixie

Rodney Michael colt's consigned to the Bluegrass sale.

I, like many others, love the first week of January due to the mule sales held in Kentucky and Tennessee.  2021 mule sale week has started off a little crazy.  

To catch up ..... sales are Jan 6th Carter/Higgins; Jan 7th Bluegrass; Jan 7th Hoover Mule Sale; Jan 8th Reese Mules.

DIXIE has arrived in Kentucky and has gathered a little information on the Jan 6th and 7th sales.  First, lets talk Carter Mule Sale.  The Carter/Higgins sale had planned on a new location this year .... up until about 10 days ago at least.  The new sale facility was not allowed to open due to being government associated and therefore the new Carter / Higgins Sale Location was revamped back to the original location of Russellville Livestock Facility.  This was more of a disappointment to the duo than a sale killer.  They simply put the word ou that they were going to be at their original location.  

Upon arriving at the Jan 6th location, one was quick to see their consignment numbers are down.  How much down will not be determined until sale time tomorrow, Jan 6th.  Even with the consignments being down, there are still some great work stock in the barn offered for consideration.  In the last several years, Carter has provided 150 to 200 on the average for this sale.  As of this writing, there are approximately 50 to 60 head in the barn.  But ..... the night is still young.

To touch upon the Hoover and Bluegrass sale.  In the past this has been one sale.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, this sale has split into two sales .... held the same day .... the same time .... two different locations about 30 minutes apart.  How does one decide where to go.  The most reliable answer would be to visit the locations and see the stock being offered for consideration.  A reliable source shared there were very few mules at Bluegrass as of this writing; however, keep in mind this sale is actually two days away so several could still show.  A member of the Hoover sale shared as of this writing they have seventy mules already consigned for their sale; and keep in mind there is still two days till sale time.  

Either of these sales could increase numbers substantially over night.  

The question on everyones mind is where will the buyers go come Thursday?  

This story will be updated as more information comes available.  Check back often ----

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