January mule sales 2021 -- expect the unexpected

Jan 07, 2021 at 12:57 am by cindy4dixie

First, let's begin with an update on Carter / Higgins Sale from January 6th.

This annual sale final consignments rounded up to approximately 100 mules.  About thirty of these were smooth mouth mules, which simply implies they are aged mules.  This does not necessarily mean they are not workable, it simply implies they are older stock and, as expected, do not bring as much but still are useful.  This leaves approximately 70 head of young, good stock to account for in sharing information about this sale.  In one simple word 'HIGH' -- mules sold high.  

Big stock, still young and in good shape brought up to $7000 - $8000 a head.  Pairs hit as high as $15000.  The stock was spread out in age with most landing in the four to ten age group.  Carter, like all sale managers, beat the bushes to provide a large number by sale time.

Second, what is going on Thursday, January 7th .... TWO sales, SAME date, SAME time, TWO different locations.  

Immediately following the wrap up of Carter / Higgins sale in Russellville, KY, sale goers were on the road headed to check out consignments at perhaps the most competitive two sales this year Bluegrass Stables and Hoover Mule Sale.  Bluegrass is approximately 15 minutes from Carter/Higgins sale; Hoover's sale location is approximately 15 minutes further from Bluegrass.  To say the least trucks and trailers looked like a caravan moving down the highway between the three locations Wednesday evening.

Bluegrass ... low in stock numbers with approximately 25 mules in the barn. But super nice stock, especially a couple of young colts and a pair of three year old sorrel mules.

Hoover sale ... as far as stock in the barn, Hoover family pulled over 225 head into the barn for the sale on Thursday.  A little bit of everything for everyone to choose from .... according to the parking lot, there is a lot of interest in this sale.  Of course, a few hours from now all will have the answer as to what will happen on prices for January 7th.  

Prediction .... Buyers will either buddy-bid (split up between the two sales) or attend Bluegrass until their item of choice sales and then zip down the road to Hoover.  Another choice of thought is Bluegrass will pull serious buyers and Hoover will pull the sale goers who are wanting to settle in for the day and enjoy the festivities with all ending up at Hoover's sale as it is going to be a full day event.

Tired sale fans will then leave late Thursday night with purchased stock, tend too their care and shipping, then head to Westmoreland TN to soak up what Reese Mules has consigned for their sale on Friday January 8th.  Richard Reese has stepped up his sale game for 2021 in his more consistent social media advertising and it seems to be making a difference.  While sale fans are bidding and looking at Bluegrass and Hoover on Thursday, Reese is keeping his stock in front of them and the chatter of his sale is carrying through the crowd.

Stay tuned for more DIXIE sale chatter in a few hours ....

NOTE:  Pending internet cooperation the Hoover Sale will be live feed up to the point of entering older stock.

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