4 Sales ... 3 days ... 2 states

Jan 10, 2021 at 08:01 am by cindy4dixie

With approximately twenty-five states represented, the KY / TN January Mule Sales were extreme ..... record breaking prices; record breaking crowds, new ideas converted to proven techniques.

In sharing a few highlights ....

Adin Hoover Mule Sale, which will probably be referred to as the Hoove Mule Sale, from now on, was a crowd pleaser.  The Hoover family pulled together all of their talent and produced an absolutely outstanding sale.  Upon moving to the Christian Co Livestock Center, many buyers and consignors had flash backs of a sale a few years ago that brought back some harsh memories.  Upon arriving, one could immediately see the transformation of the facility.

This sale also produced the highest selling team of all four sales when the hammer slammed on $28,000 for a pair of blonde mare mules.  

With crowd and bidders hanging from the rafters, absolutely amazing stock and enough workers to keep this sale moving .... The 2021 Hoover Mule Sale leaves one for the record books.

Carter Higgins Mule Sale was covered in a previous article.

Bluegrass consigned about 60 head of mule stock.  The highlight to this sale was Rodney Michael's mule colts ..... selling at $5000 and $7000 per colt.  There was a pair of three year olds that brought in the range of $16000.

Reese Bros / TN Mule Sales, as in the past, changed with the times.  Their colt sale brought on a special look in 2021.  Richard and Rufus secured about 40 crossbred colts that were an absolute hit for the sale.  This change brought in new customers as well as boosted their belgian colt prices and mule colt prices.  The top quality mule colts brought top prices at this sale.  Two belgian stud colts brought over $3500.  Some of the top prices in this sale reached to $16,000 as well.

More details on sale stock and prices will be posted in the subscriber area shortly on all sales.


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