January 2021 Mule Sales .... ROUND TWO! Epperson Mules

Jan 13, 2021 at 02:35 pm by cindy4dixie


DIXIE Longears is honored to offer updates for the Jonas King January 27th, 2021, Mule Sale scheduled in Quarryville PA.

Epperson Mules will be featured today.  

Epperson Mules are colts raised and purchased in PA around the age of three to six months.  The Epperson team raises, maintains and offers these mules back to the public through Jonas King's sale.  The Epperson team has supplied some field photos of what to expect from their stock in a few days.  

The mules are on feed and running in lots currently being prepared for the sale.  The final prep will be clipping these mules prior to sale time.

Epperson Mules will be listed in the sale catalog Jonas King prepares prior to sale.  These mules will be available for viewing Tuesday prior to Wednesday's sale.

More photos will be taken in the pen area of the sale upon arrival.

Look for more featured mules in days to come.

On behalf of Jonas King and his sale team, Thank You Epperson Mules for your consignments.  

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