March 2021 Reese Riding Mule Sale Results

Mar 14, 2021 at 07:39 pm by cindy4dixie

The high selling mule during this sale tipped the scale at $10,000.  Congratulations to Milan Mules and Issac Borntrager on the sale of this outstanding mule.

There were fifty early consigned mules with a total of 200 plus head in the total sale.   Of the fifty early consignments five reached 8500 up.  Six head sold in the range of $5200 to $6700.  Four mules sold at an average of $4500.  Six sold $3200 to $3800.  This sale held to tradition offering some of the brokest riding mules available to outfitters and private purchases.  All types of rides could be found at this sale; all colors; all personalities.  

Look for the March/April issue of Dixie for pictures, more information and what the future holds for Reese Mules / TN Mule Sales.

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