UPDATED Info on October 2021 Colt Sales

Sep 29, 2021 at 03:33 am by cindy4dixie

The October Sales are beginning to gain a lot of interest from all.  

The first sale Dixie will be covering will be the Hoover Mule Colt Sale in Trenton KY on October 8th @ 10 AM CST.  This will be the 2nd annual sale for Mule and Draft Horse Colts hosted by the Hoover family.  Hoovers are also expecting crossbred colts along with jack and jenny colts.  The Auction takes place at Matthew Hoover's Farm (440 Tress Shop Road, Trenton KY).   Great atmosphere, easy parking, easy access to stock and sale area.  Adin (270-265-9150) & Jonathan (270-305-2807) Hoover have announced they are expecting around 150 head from at least seven states.  Follow last minute details on facebook for the Hoover Sale by clicking on the Hoover Sale Button from the home page of Dixie.  Look for up to date photos prior to sale and a live stream connection on the home page of Dixie at sale time.  This sale last year did a great deal to help set the local market for top quality draft fillies.

The second sale Dixie will be at will be the 5th Annual Farm Colt Sale in Quarryville PA hosted at the Abner Stoltzfus Family Farm (515 Hollow Road, Quarryville PA) on October 29th.  This sale needs no introduction, as it has produced many of the best colts placed on the market for the past several years.  The only difference in the October 2021 sale will be more colts.  Look for 75 head or better at this sale.  If you are one for tradition and consistency, this is your sale.  There will be no disappointment in the stock, the atmosphere, the overall handling of the sale.  Some of the top selling mule pairs over the last couple of years have originated from this sale.  Blondes and sorrels will be the popular color at this sale.  All colts will be coming directly off of farms and bred from the founding breeding stock of this sale.  Abner Stoltzfus 717-806-0458 is the contact for more information.  Also, Dixie will be displaying up to date preview photos and broadcasting the preview colt exhibition as well as the sale.  Links can be found on the home page of Dixie close to sale time.

The third sale for the month is J & E Colt Sale to be held on October 30th, @ 10AM at the Solanco Fairgrounds 172 S Lime Street in Quarryville PA.  This will be the first sale for John Stoltzfus (610-932-1112) and Elam Glick (717-786-3395).  They are looking for close to 80 colts all together and are welcoming breeding stock as their sale as well.  This is an open consignment sale.  This new sale has some impressive Belgium Fillies consigned to attend and expect to see some sharp intact colts as well.  The sale location will be familiar to sale followers as it is at the same location Jonas King has his sale.   Dixie will be following this sale as well with preview photos and live streaming of the sale with a link on the home page of Dixie prior to sale time.  

So, as one can see there are lots of options to look at for the colt sale season.  Whether seeking mule, horse, crossbred, jacks or jenny colts .... one should be able to find them.  Prices .... that remains to be seen but predictions are as normal ... the good ones will sale high!





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