Hoover Colt Sale Previews

Oct 07, 2021 at 05:52 pm by cindy4dixie

Hoover Colt Sale Preview Gallery to preview Hoover Colt Sale consignments as of 6pm October 7th

Arrived in Trenton KY just as the Hoover Family was penning colts and getting the pens organized for tomorrows sale!

As of this publishing, there are 60 head of horse stock in the barn.  Some of these are amazing.  The most amazing in color in the horse stock, catching my eye first, was three blue roans (ages 1 and 2).  Worth the trip just to these beauties prance around.  The horse colts are beautiful.

Mule colts!!  There are 30 consigned as of this writing and 30 yet to arrive.  What is in the barn now is super nice stock, but it was shared the best mule colts are yet to arrive!  Blondes, blacks, sorrels, grey ..... this sale has it!

Enjoy the preview of arrivals thus far.  Dixie will be broadcasting live feed of tomorrows sale.  A direct link will be shared on the home page of this website as well as thru facebook.

The Hoover family is living up to their norm of filling a barn for the sale.  Out of the stock in the barn two trailers were brought in from Canada and are worth the trip to the sale to see.

Check back often to see what this family brings in tonight and early in the morning .... Folks, it's gonna be another WOW of a sale managed by Hoover Mules!

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