Sale Numbers on October 2021 Hoover Colt Sale

Oct 08, 2021 at 08:18 pm by cindy4dixie

Well, the numbers are in ..... the last one has sold ..... the sale arena is quiet ...... and the last guest has gone home from Matthew Hoover's Farm.

Of course when the next issue of Dixie Longears comes out there will be a detailed story about the Hoover Colt Sale; for the time being here are some numbers to roll around in your mind:

MULE COLTS:  The top mule colt landed at $8200 being only six months old.  The top three mule colts averaged $7100.  Top 20% of mule colts averaged a little over $6100.  The top 50% of the mule colts averaged right at $5200.  This is outstanding sale numbers in case anyone doesn't keep up with the price of mule colts.  

There were a few over 230 head entering the sale ring today.  A few highlights of the remaining stock are as follows:

Perhaps the most eye catching stock in the sale was 3 blue roans that were amazing in size, build and color.  Legal description would be quarter horse / brabant cross.  There was two geldings (age 2) and a fillie (age 1) who excited the crowd with final prices of $6750, $6000 and $7500.

Other top prices in fillies look like $8700, $8000, $6100 with a great many of them drawing the final hammer in the $4500 to $5500 range.  The yearling fillies and stud colts were amazing in size and build.  It was hard to imagine the size some of these will be when grown considering their size as babies.

Hats off to the HOOVER MULE Family .....  one heck of a sale on every aspect.

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