Jan 2022 Carter Higgins Zook - Inside View

Jan 09, 2022 at 07:48 am by cindy4dixie


Moving to the new Christian Co Ag Center was a great move for this annual sale.  The controled temperature, lighting and overall accommodations was fantastic.  The Zook ladies kept everyone fed and continent during the sale by use of their wonderful newly equipment kitchen.  

The following numbers are 'unofficial' and taken from notes gathered during the sale and do not include any 'no sales' or stock bringing under $2000 and all mules.  This formula gives a fair assessment of prices for those in good shape and popular age.

  • Eight, under age of 2, colts averaged about $4250
  • Four, 2 year olds, captured an average of $8150
  • The three and four year olds were a strong presence at this sale, with 21 head averaging right at $6200
  • Five and six year olds, 11 in count, averaged $650

When walking into a sale area it is human nature for one's eyes to scan the area and usually focus on a stand out team.  For this sale it was grey mules (info above) and a pair of Blonde Belgium Mares and a Single Blonde Belgium Mare.  These three head of stock alone topped $30,000. 

As mentioned above, these are unofficial notes taken during the sale.  A full video of the sale can be found on the Dixie Longears You Tube Channel or by choosing the link on Dixie Longears in a previous story.

Side Note:  Linden Carter had a quick health scare about 10 days prior to this sale and experienced an emergency procedure.  Everyone was thankful to see Linden not only at the sale but running wide open to keep everything running smoothly.  One thing the past two years has taught America is to be thankful for friends, family and health.  This sale was touched by others with health issues as friends and neighbors brought stock to the sale and sharing information on their behalf.  Some of these co-mule associates will not return to the sale arena again.  Stop, think and be thankful during this sale season.  

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