January 2022 Mel's Stables Mule Sale -- Inside View

Jan 23, 2022 at 02:36 pm by cindy4dixie


Mel's Stables hosted a Mule Sale on January 22nd.  There was about 200 head of stock in the barn.  The crowd seemed good in size and those braving the weather to attend, came to spend money.  Three and four year old anything was the favorites at this sale.  There was a large array of stock including size, color and age.  

The following represents examples of some of the stock sales:

3 y/o blonde horse mule, halter broke $11,800

3 y/o blonde molly mules, line broke $$21,600

Most 3 y/o held above $3800 and ranged to $10,000

A 6 y/o team of sorrel molly mules, declared to be a top team $19,600

Six, seven, eight y/o broke to the lines held steady at $3500 to $5500

This sale seemed to focus more on single mules being sold than pairs.  Single mules in the 3 and 4 y/o range visited the $10,000 to $12,600 a lot during the sale.  There were more real nice horse mules than mare mules at this sale as well.

Some stock at this sale made their way from the TN KY sales held at the first of the month. The sale had a low 'no sale' rate.

In not being a regular attendee of this sale, I cannot offer comparible information; however, I can share positive comments given me from readers who do attend the sale regularly:  "this is one of the best barns of mule stock in this barn in a few years; someone has really worked to bring in the quality stock this year; some of the best prices seen here in a while; nice to see the barn full again with mules; prices are as out of control here as they are everywhere else".  

Hope you enjoyed this inside report on the sale at Mel's Stables by Cindy Odle.  


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