Final Stop on the January Mule Sale Train

Jan 23, 2022 at 03:20 pm by cindy4dixie

The final stop on the January Mule Sale Train will be the Jonas King Mule Sale on January 26th in Quarryvilly PA.  The pre-expectations are higher than ever in regards to prices, number of stock consigned, and quality of stock.  Also expected at this sale is 29 mule colts - which is a surprise to a lot in the industry considering some of the out-standing sales held for colts in October.

This sale has a reputation of pulling in some of the top stock for this sale.  Jonas and his workers are an outstanding group to work with and this is a big plus for this sale.  Many of the top mules will be coming home as they return to PA for this sale.  A large portion of the 2018 and 2019 colts purchased in Quarryville will be back for this sale as grown mules, unbroke and ready to learn a new job. 

Many mules arriving at this sale will be halter broke only, have been running on feeders and all the grass or hay they can eat, and will be ready to show out in this colt weather.  Some of the best mule handlers will be working at this sale to get mules haltered, clipped and tagged in before sale time Wednesday morning.

Check back often for updates and walk throughs of sale stock.  Special teams will be introduced as they arrive at this sale via videos and photos.  All media is sponsored by Jonas King Sale.

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