First Team Accepted for Mule Jam 2022

Feb 14, 2022 at 01:45 pm by cindy4dixie


Ruth and Rosie will be Team 1 for Mule Jam 2022.  Organizers are confident this team is a great candidate for Mule Jam 2022.  Handlers/Consignors Nichols/Browning has completed the contract, returned registration fee and completed all steps necessary to have this team accepted for Mule Jam 2022.

This team is six years old and stands 17'1 and 17'2.  Of course, they will be measured once arriving at Mule Jam in August with the rest of the consigned teams for sale.

Look for this team to be out and about at many events, festivals, wagon trains, between now and August.  Ask questions, look them over and follow their adventure and accomplishments between now and August 2022.

A specific page has been assigned to Team 1 and will be updated monthly with photos and videos of the team in action.

For more information on Mule Jam contact Cindy Odle, Tim Haley or Will Gregory.  Contact information can be found on Mule Jam Page.