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Mule Jam Consignment Fees Clarified

Mar 02, 2022 at 08:07 pm by cindy4dixie

Remember the old saying 'knowledge is power'?  With that statement in mind, I have decided to share a simple version of fees associated with consigning a team to Mule Jam to be listed in the sale.

This information is ONLY for consigned teams for the sale.  There are NO fees for Volunteer Teams.

• Upon being accepted as a consigned team, $200 will be required.  When the team sales, this $200 is subtracted from the total consignment fee.   In example, if team 1      has a consignment fee of $600, the $200 entry fee will be deducted leaving a total commission fee of $400 due on the team.

• Total fees on Consigned Teams are based on a sliding scale ranging from $350 to $750.  There are no other fees.  There are no percentage commissions involved. 

• Teams will arrive with negative coggins and necessary health papers, so therefore, there will be no fee charged for lab work.  

• IF a team NO SALES, $100 of the $200 entry fee will be returned.  The $100 kept by Mule Jam will go toward advertising the team.

Tim, Will and myself are beyond excited about the interest already being shown toward Mule Jam 2022.  We are in the process of completing the agreement for two more teams that have been accepted, collecting fees, obtaining photos etc.  Look for information on these two teams over the next few days. 

Volunteers are calling and offering assistance, we appreciate you so much already!  

There are so many people ready to share stories and experience from years of working with mules and/or horse drawn equipment.

Remember, Mule Jam is an elite event, surrounding the cultural traditions of the mule, in a modern world ..... in other words, THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYONE AT MULE JAM!


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