Elsa is For Sale

Apr 24, 2022 at 06:33 pm by cindy4dixie

Everyone knows, Dixie is a strong supporter of the young.   A couple of young muleskinners, who are working hard to build up a good breeding program, have a mare they are looking to sale.  Pictured is Else, a blonde mare who stands 17/2 hands is 4 years old and halter and harness broke.  The owner is unsure if she has ever had a colt or been bred.  As the photo shows Else is in good shape and been well cared for.  If you, or you know someone who is interested in this mare, please call The Gibson Family at 615-767-1837.  Let's do all we can to support these two young people who are very interested in making their way in the draft horse / mule business.  Thank you for sharing.  

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