MULE JAM 2022 -- Larger Facility Acquired

May 18, 2022 at 06:42 pm by cindy4dixie

Mule Jam has out grown our facility -- EVEN BEFORE WE OPENED THE GATE!

Mule Jam Coordinators (Will Gregory, Tim Haley & Cindy Odle) dreamed big while making plans for Mule Jam 2022.  Never did the trio ever imagine they would be seeking a larger facility before opening the gates!  The excitement revolving around Mule Jam 2022 is unbelievable.  Every time an obstacle presents itself, a volunteer or 'mule family member' throws in a solution, jumps on the wagon train and off we go!

As we begin to lay out events, camping, parking, vendors, etc, it soon became very apparent WE NEEDED MORE SPACE!  Again, an animal / children / community supporter comes to our rescue.  "Two doors down" from our original location (Haley Auction and Realty) one finds an outstanding facility Logan County Extension Service (255 John Paul Avenue, Russellville KY 42276) that is an amazing addition to Mule Jam 2022.  

This location brings an indoor arena, a space for vendors to be indoors, clean facility, very user friendly for handicap and families with small children, outdoor grounds for plowing, cutting grass, working hay and much more.  This new location will offer a respite from the sun as well as plenty of space for viewing demonstrations and exhibitions.

From this date forward, prepare to check in for Mule Jam updates often.  There are new teams to be introduced, there are updates from already entered teams, there are many local events taking place between now and Mule Jam to see these teams in action.

We are constantly on the lookout for more food vendors and craftsman.  Do us a favor, spread the word .... Mule Jam 2022 is going to be fantastic!


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