Mule Jam -- Final Tips and Reminders

Aug 06, 2022 at 03:15 pm by cindy4dixie

WHOOPIE!  The week we have been working toward for year is here!  

Final Tips and Reminders:

Event Map / Schedule:  Get a map at the gate.  Events are located inside and outside . A sign will be posted at each location to designate the event number for easier locating.  There have been some fantastic additions to Mule Jam since the first release.

Event Stock:  No outside stock will be allowed on the grounds other than those contacted / arranged prior to event.    This is for safety, insurance and one of the stipulations of the event.    Volunteers & Consignors will be checked in at the gate beginning 10AM Thursday morning.  Pens are available on the inside of the building for consigned stock.  Inside pens and outside tie-outs are available for all of our volunteers.   Upon check in, volunteers and consignors will be given an envelope containing all information, passes, etc to make your weekend run smooth.

Parking:  This facility offers plenty of parking.  Designated areas will be set for horses and buggies for easy parking.  Volunteer teams and wagons will be offering rides to the gate from distance parking areas.

Tickets / Passes:  One day passes are available or purchase a weekend pass.  Arm bands will be used allowing visitors to come and go as they need during the event.

Online Buyers:  The online buying forum is now up and running.  Feel free to register now to bid online.

Vendors:  Visit the vendors who will mostly be inside the large facility.  Expect some awesome 'eats', crafts, tack, etc.

Kids:  First and foremost, look for the barrel train powered by a mule and of course, the ice cream!  Also, any youth needing a participation letter for school, please contact Cindy 615-904-5356.

Enjoy & Learn:  All of the stock on the grounds have been approved by the Governing Committee.  The consigned teams are there to PROVE themselves through actions not words.  The volunteer teams are on the grounds for YOU, the visitors, to enjoy.  Slow down, enjoy the stock, ride the wagons, talk to the exhibitors; all of the volunteers have been chosen due to the experience and handling of their teams.    Who knows, one might find a new hobby while visiting Mule Jam.  

See you in a few days!