Upcoming Events

Oct 17, 2023 at 10:36 pm by cindy4dixie

Beginning the week of October 21st, subscribers will find stories, photos and videos revolving around the upcoming colt sales in Quarryville PA.  The first sale will be October 27th at Abner Stoltzfus home featuring about 150 colts.  The second sale will follow on Saturday 28th with the J&E Colt Sale.

Updates will be given during the sale.  These stories will be placed in the subscribers section so be sure you have your sign in information handy.

The following week (first week of November) Dixie will be covering some of the activities at the East Fork Stable's Mule Day Event.  This information will as well be placed in the subscribers section.

NOTE:  Anyone with a paper subscription, with an email, can have access to all information online in the subscribers section.  Anyone needing their information updated or assistance with signing into the website, please follow up as soon as possible.  Text / Call Cindy 615-904-5356 or email cindy@dixielongears.com

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