Prayers for Mule Families

Oct 20, 2023 at 07:44 am by cindy4dixie

Please add the following families to your prayers.

As many know, Mack Motes passed away a very few months ago.  Yesterday, his beloved wife, Wilma Motes went to join Mack.  Ms. Wilma was well known as Mack's wagon partner, trail buddy and best friend.  Ms. Wilma was one of the kindest, most giving, fun loving ladies ever placed on the earth.  Prayers to the Motes Family.

Carl Bilbrey, of B & R Mules, lost his brother Bob Bilbrey late last evening.  The brothers had been in the cattle business together for centuries.  Bob was a partner, brother, and daily sidekick to Carl their whole life.  Please keep Carl Bilbrey and his family in your thoughts as he lays his brother to rest.

Another recent loss was the husband of Caroline Moss, Jody Moss.  Many in the mule industry recognize the name of Jody Moss as a mule handler at Reese Sales many years ago.  Caroline also helped at the sales the past several years.  As Caroline feels the loss of a lifetime companion, friend, husband, father let’s keep her in our thoughts and prayers as well.

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