2024 March Dixie Longears Wagon Train

Mar 13, 2024 at 08:11 am by cindy4dixie

The Annual Dixie Wagon Train is just a few days away.  Wagon Masters are checking out the routes to ensure all is well for visitors.  

Remember the Fish Fry is Saturday March 30th around 5pm.  This is a time we get together to mingle and meet our guests, answer questions and share information.  This year Daryl Cauthen will be the musician at the Saturday Fish Fry.  He is a local musician that is very good, and we are excited to be bringing him to the Dixie Wagon Train.

Easter Morning Cowboy Church is already arranged.   If you have little ones coming, be sure and let us know as we want to make sure we have Easter Activities for them.

Camp cooks are preparing their cook-off strategies for the soup / chili cook-off as well as the desert cook-off. See the flier for nights of each of these and the weeks menu.

For newcomers, our meal plan is simple.  Wagon Train will provide the items listed on each evening and visitors bring a small dish to accompany it.  Everyone eats and enjoys at the pavilion provided by the Lynn Ranch for our use. 

Take time to visit the Western Town and maybe the Mansion while at the Ranch.  Each is very fun and informative. 

Campers are welcome to come and pay for camping upon arrival.  The only need for reservations, at this event, is if you need stalls.  Tie-out lines are welcome, just place stock where they cannot chew on the trees.

If there is anything else you need, drop me a note or call and I will be glad to help.  If you are a first-time visitor and feel you may need a little guidance finding us on the ranch, please call when you get off the interstate or within 15 minutes of the ranch.  The reason for this is there is limited cellular activity once on the ranch without the wi-fi purchase offered for your convenience. 

Brian and Ty Austin will be serving as Wagon Masters.  The hosts will be Jeff and Cindy Odle of Dixie Longears.  If you arrive and need any assistance, please look up Jeff or me, Brian and Codi Austin or Brandon and Abby Young. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days!

Cindy Odle, 615-904-5356, cindy@dixielongears.com

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