Busy 10 Days Ahead

Mar 23, 2024 at 02:06 pm by cindy4dixie

Wagon Teams and Riders will invade Loretta Lynn Ranch on Saturday March 30th preparing for the upcoming Wagon Train March 31st thru April 3rd.  

A welcomig fish fry is planning for Saturday evening, followed by Easter Sunday Cowboy Church Sunday morning around 7:30 before heading out to wagon ride.

Cookoffs are planned as well as evening meals for the group as a whole.

Beginning early Thursday look for Dixie Longears at the 50th Annual Columbia Mule Day.  Dixie Longears affiliated company Dixie Pix will be serving as the event photographer during CMD.  Dixie Pix will be at as many activities as possible with signs posted offering visitors information as to how to view the photos.

Below is a nice guide for the CMD events.  One quick note .... The Draft Mule Show is listed at Saturday April 6th at noon; the actual show time will be 2:00pm.

Be sure to visit with Dixie Longears or look for the Dixie Pix information wagon during Columbia Mule Day.

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