Wagons & Teams Needed at KY State Fair

Jun 04, 2024 at 10:09 pm by cindy4dixie

For many, many years the Kentucky State Fair was 'The Mule Show' to attend and win. 

The Kentucky State Fair Mule Show is still an amazing show.  All of the comradery is still there, to show in August in an air condition arena is definitely a plus, the visitors are so much fun to talk with and hear their views on our long eared friends.

The halter classes are still large classes; but we must work together this year to keep the wagon classes.  Due to the loss of so many during the last few years, the wagon classes are at risk of being ‘a thing of the past’.

The Commissioner for the Draft Mules is wonderful.  Merril Shoemake goes out of his way to ensure everyone has everything they need and has a good time.  He stands up for what is best for the mule entries and continues to improve the Mule Program at the KY State Fair.

The Judge for the show will be Mickey Hale.  Several years ago, I had Mickey Hale as a Judge of a large show.  He was very good at looking at what each class was asking for and then placing the class.  Mickey has years of experience and is very knowledgeable in the industry.  He certainly has the qualifications to judge a good, honest show and a fun personality to boot.  He is eager to see the industry continue to flourish, along with the rest of us.

There are many who have show wagons and a two mule hitch.  You are needed at the KY State Fair for the Mule Exhibition.  Perfection is not important .... wagons and teams entering the classes are important!  Help save this wonderful exhibition we are currently blessed with by simply showing up as an entry at this show.

The information for the show is below.  If you have any questions or need any help, please reach out to Dixie Longears.  If you know of someone who has a hitch wagon, invite them to help save this event. 

For all of those who are gone and built the wonderful programs we have in various states for the mule industry, let's do our part to keep these events going.  By simply attending the show, you are doing wonders.







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