Draft Mules Represented BIG at Horse Progress Days 2024

Jul 09, 2024 at 10:09 am by cindy4dixie

Absolutely one of the largest crowds attending Horse Progress Days in Gordonville PA on record. On Friday July 5th, the unofficial count was 22,000 plus tickets at the gate.

The large draft mules were well represented and made ‘large’ impressions on everyone in attendance.

With the help of Levi King Jr, Omar Smocker, Samual Glick and Joe Glick, Dixie Longears was set up in a prime location to meet, greet and chat with everyone coming near or through the stall areas to admire the beautiful horses and mules.

Over 1500 pamphlets were placed in the hands of those interested in the mule industry. Some being present customers, but several were newcomers wanting to look at the industry and interested in purchasing mules for assorted reasons.

Those available to answer questions and talk at the booth at various times throughout the event were the Mitchell & McCurry Family, the Kelso Family, The Browning Family, The Preston Family, The George Family, The Vinson Family, and other Middle TN Mule Skinners Members. This was just a handful of those promoting the large draft mules during this event. Epperson Mules and Jonas King were on the grounds riding in the wagons and talking to people about top quality stock.

Many, many of Dixie's Amish friends and community members stopped by to visit, take some pamphlets to share with others and visit with the Tennessee and Kentucky Mules that were working at HPD.

Stanley and Anna Browning were kind of 'drafted' to attend and help with Dixie Longears booth from Tennessee.  Their knowledge, willingness to help, presentation of their mules ended up catching the eye of organizers. Before the event was over, The Brownings and their team were presenting equipment, demonstrating equipment and in the parade of breeds. What makes this unique is Stanley and Anna were the only Englishmen in the field work demos and this was truly a great honor.

Yes, it was hot! Yes, it was dusty!  But the draft mule promotions never ceased and with the help of our PA friends, this trip was phenomenal. Of course, there is always one little glitch, but we must all learn from them when they pop up. Jody Kelso learned in a sea of 20,000 people at noon, one does not open a box holding a full pizza and expect to escape with lunch for the family.

This was a trip of a lifetime, to say Dixie is beyond blessed for the support and followers doesn't even begin to express the gratefulness bestowed on us from this event.

Thank you to everyone!

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