MULE JAM Updates

 CONFIRMED:  Forecart obstacle course
CONFIRMED:  Children barrel train mule powered
CONFIRMED: Harness Demo for beginners
CONFIRMED:  Middle TN Mule Skinners
This group of experts will be on hand offering wagon rides, exhibitions on how to hitch a team to wagons and various pieces of equipment, as well as providing demonstrations of all kinds.  This group will be an outstanding resource to ask questions, help solve problems and talk about their past experiences as to what worked and what they would change.  Combined, this group will bring hundreds of years of experience to MULE JAM!
CONFIRMED:  Sorghum Mill Exhibit
A sorghum mill will be set up and exhibited for visitors to see.  Step by step details will be shared in the process.  The mill will have all of the parts available for visitors to look at and ask questions.
CONFIRMED:  Logging Exhibition by Ronnie Tucker
Ronnie Tucker will be demonstrating a logging exhibition at MULE JAM!  His exhibition will high-light logging with mules, loading the log wagon, and positioning oneself for safety when logging.  Tucker will also cover driving techniques when moving logs about in the woods and trailing them to a log yard.  Ronnie is inviting all mules participating in MULE JAM to work their mules thru the driving cones to display their talent. 
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Mule Events

May 25-30
Bishop Mule Day
Bishop CA

May 29-31
Cannon Co Walking Horse Ride-A-Thon
Woodbury TN

May 31-June 4
Loretta Lynn Trail Ride

June 24-26
Camp at Loretta Lynn Ranch
Cindy Odle

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Oct 2 2020 Matthew Hoover Farm Colt Sale LIVE FEED

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View Sale Live ..... Begins at 10 am CST.

Dixie Pix 09042020

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Dixie Pix 09052020

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Clinton Arkansas National Championship Chuck Wagon Races 09062020

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August 2020 Getting Back Behind the Lines

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Dealing with COVID-19 is like riding a wagon with a run away team. Take a good seat, hold on tight and pray you can ride as long and fast as they can run. DIXIE LONGEARS is.... Read More

2020 Columbia Mule Day CANCELED

Mar 16, 2020 at 02:34 pm by cindy4dixie 1

Official Cancel Notice for 2020 Columbia Mule Day In speaking with Mule Day Officials, there will be meetings over the next few days to determine how to handle the fine detai.... Read More

LIVE 2020 March Reees Riding Mule Sale

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2020 March Competitive Trail Winners Announced

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2020 March Reese Riding Mule Sale Pre-Competition Clip

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Enjoy this quick clip filmed outside while mules are warming up for competition today at the 2020 March Riding Mule Sale. Subscribers, there are other clips available in the.... Read More

Reese Bros Mule Co / Tennessee Mule Sales has released their 2020 Riding Mule Early Consignment Catalog.

Mar 10, 2020 at 10:14 pm by cindy4dixie

Download the 2020 Reese Bros Mules / TN Mule Sales Early Consignment Catalog for the 2020 Riding Mule Sale.  Look for videos and pictures from this event on Dixie Thursda.... Read More

Coverage of the Reese Bros 100th Celebration and Annual Riding Mule Sale

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Coverage of the Reese Bros 100th Year Celebration and Annual Riding Mule Sale will be in various stages.  Online subscribers will have access to various videos taken prio.... Read More

Tornado Mule Families

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The Mule Industry has always been a close extended family.  Some of our families are in need of being checked on due to the recent devastating weather that visited Tennes.... Read More

Peak in on Past Columbia Mule Day Fun

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Columbia Mule Day is a great place to make new friends, reminice with the old friends and show off those 'longears' .....

2020 Columbia Mule Day Parade Route CHANGE

Mar 01, 2020 at 03:21 am by cindy4dixie

Mandy Mills, Organizer for the 2020 Columbia Mule Day Parade, states there will be a change in the 2020 parade route.  This route change has doubled the work for the para.... Read More

Jonas King's March 4th 2020 Mule Sale Consignment

Feb 29, 2020 at 05:00 am by cindy4dixie

Jonas King had an outstanding sale in January .... broke records .... details in the April 2020 issue.  Jonas has a March 4th sale in Quarryville PA in a few days. .... Read More

Attention Wagon Train Masters / Organizers

Feb 24, 2020 at 04:49 pm by cindy4dixie

During 2019 travels, we noticed several wagons participating in various wagon trains out west had signs as the one in the photo. The signs are weather worthy, measure 9"x6" (.... Read More

Columbia Mule Day

Feb 23, 2020 at 09:15 am by cindy4dixie

Dixie Longears is looking so forward to Comumbia Mule Day 2020.   Look for Sadie, Sassie, Lillie & Tillie at the front of the parade escorting the queen and her cour.... Read More

Dixie 10 Year Birthday Celebration

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Dixie will be 10 years old in 2020.  In honor of this birthday, we are having a wagon train and socializing event.  What better place to come tell tall tales and hea.... Read More

7th Annual Montgomery AL Wagon Train March 12-19th ... and much more!

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2020 Montgomery Wagon Train Flier

2020 March Reese Bros Riding Mule Sale

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The March Riding Mule sale for 2020 marks a great landmark for the Reese Family -- 100 years in business. The Competitive / Exhibition Trail will be Friday March 13th with the.... Read More

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