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Tornado Mule Families

Mar 04, 2020 at 07:05 am by cindy4dixie

The Mule Industry has always been a close extended family.  Some of our families are in need of being checked on due to the recent devastating weather that visited Tennessee.  The Cookeville / Baxter area took a large hit.  I have been watching social media, sent some texts and made various contacts.  If you have not already, please reach out to mule families in these areas and see if they are in need of anything.  It may be time to hitch to their wagon and lighten the load they are carrying.  If you find out there is a need please share this information so others may help our extended families in their time of hardship.  I have personally seen equine families build barns, supply feed, temporarily house stock and put up fenses to help each other out.  Most of all pray for all of these families and their loved ones.  If you are more comfortable with calling, please call 615-904-5356 as there are mule families ready to assist their 'longeared' families and I will share the information.  

"Thank you Lord for putting your loving arms around these families during this time of hardship."

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