Columbia Mule Day

Feb 23, 2020 at 09:15 am by cindy4dixie

Dixie Longears is looking so forward to Comumbia Mule Day 2020.  

Look for Sadie, Sassie, Lillie & Tillie at the front of the parade escorting the queen and her court through the parade.

Be sure and check out the Dixie Longears Booth found on the corner or mule alley and the entrance to the show mule arena. 

Dixie is looking forward to loading videos, pictures and livestreaming from Columbia Mule Day 2020.  If you find yourself at Columbia Mule Day and participating in an event, have a great mule team and wagon, showing a beauty of a riding mule, want to post an item or mule for sale, or simply want to say HI or YEEHAW .... text or call us so we can record your message or photograph for the website during Columbia Mule Day 2020.

Also, if you have a great story to share, give a holler as we would like to share it with others in the Dixie Magazine or on the website.

See you in a few days -- Cindy Odle 615-904-5356

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