March Wagon Train COUNTDOWN!!!

Mar 18, 2023 at 11:04 am by cindy4dixie

The Dixie Wagon Train Crew is making final details for the March Wagon Train at the Loretta Lynn Ranch.  Saturday March 25th has been set aside as a set up day, travel day, social day!  There will be a Fish Fry held on Saturday March 25th at 5PM accompanied by  the Dotson Brown Brad.  Sign ups for games and tournaments will be available during this time as well as registering for drawings.

Wagon Ride Info:   Brian Austin will be Wagon Master for the Dixie Wagon Train.  His family and the Lynn family are long time friends and he has some great routes chosen for the ride.  Goal is to leave out at 9AM each morning.  Bring a lunch or use your tracking skills and bum off the wagon that has the best cookin' going on during the lunch hour.   The wagon train will arrive back into camp each day in the 3 to 4PM range.  Supper will begin about 6 PM each evening. 

Gathering Place:  There will be large signs on a pavilion at the grounds; this is where we will gather for events, meals, etc.

Tounaments:  Saturday during the gathering, feel free to pick a partner or bring a partner and sign up for Corn Hole Tournament, Rook Tournament, Horse Shoe Pitching Tournament.  Games will be arranged to end on Tuesday night and winners will be announced on Wednesday night during the gathering. 

Cook-Offs:  Sunday bring your favorite dessert to supper.  Each person eating supper will have a ticket to vote on their favorite dessert.  Dishes must be prepared in camp. 

Cook-offs:  Tuesday night will be a soup / chili cook-off.  We will get a list of those cooking soup and chili on Tuesday to ensure there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy.  Same process, please prepare in camp and tickets will be used to vote for your favorite. 

Each night we will have fires to warm by at the gathering / meal area.  These will be in flumes that many of us own; there will be very little smoke to no smoke put off by these and the heat they produce is amazing.  ALL OF YOU BIG TALKERS, WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR STORY TELLERS EACH NIGHT!  SO BE THINKING BACK ABOUT FUNNY HAPPENINGS OR A STORY ABOUT THE WAY THINGS USED TO BE TO SHARE.  This always brings in a lot of laughter and many times becomes a learning experience of what not to do!

MENU INFORMATION & PLANS:  Plates, Forks, Spoons, Bowls, Papertowels will be furnished each night.  Bring your drink and chair each night to the gathering.   If you are someone who does not cook that is no problem.  A donation bucket will be available to help cover the paper products and other main foods provided; so please be sure to come, eat and enjoy.  This is a part of the event all really enjoy.  It gives us the chance to meet everyone, find out about new events and most of all make new friends.  When bringing a dish, please just bring a normal size dish; do not feel obligated to cook a huge amount.  With everyone doing a little something, we always have plenty.  If you have an idea of what you might bring each night there will be a list to jot it down on at the meal table for the following nights; this gives us an idea if we need to go grab something before meal time.

Saturday Fish Fry:   The Fish, Fries, Hushpups, Basic Coleslaw and Chicken Strips will be provided.  This is a meal you do not want to miss; we have a great Fish Fry Crew.  We do our fish fry a little different than most..... when we start cooking, you start eating.  We cook til we run out or you are full, which ever comes first.  This way everyone gets hot food.    Ideas for side dishes might be white beans, onions, tarter sauce, ketchup, corn, salads or Fruit and Sweets for quick desserts.

Sunday Spaghetti Supper & DESSERT COOK-OFF:  The spaghetti (noodles and sauce) will be furnished.  We are counting on camp cooks to bring in some outstanding desserts.  A winner will be chosen.  Sides to contribute this meal would be salads, parmasian cheese, bread to heat, butter, salad dressings and salad toppings.  Don't forget to get your ticket to vote on your favorite dessert!

Monday Hamburgers & Hotdogs:  The burgers, hot dogs, fries will be provided.  Items to consider bringing will be buns, mayo, mustard, miracle whip, ketsup, tomatoes, onions, lettus, relish and anything else you like on a burger.  Baked beans, potato saled and other simple dishes will work great this night.

Tuesday CHILI / SOUP COOK-OFF:  Okay, this is going to be the big cook-off night!  Everyone has a favorite chili or soup recipe.  These can be mixed at home and cooked / warmed in camp.  Cornbread fritters and crackers will be provided.  Small sandwiches, chips, dips etc will be a great addition to this meal.

Wednesday Pizza Night:  Wednesday is going to be more focused toward giveaways, saying good-byes, getting photos and gathering information of events visitors might be hosting.  Plus we will have the tournament winners announced.  There will be a sign up sheet for your favorite pizzas.  We will place a big order and get them to the gathering place for the evening meal.  If you want to bring any leftover saleds, sides, desserts, etc .... this is the night to get it eat up

Please feel free to call 6159045356 if you have questions or comment below and Abby, Codi or myself will answer.  Can't wait to see everyone .... gonna be a great ride!


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