Crunching the Numbers for Oct 3 Hoover Colt Sale

Oct 10, 2020 at 10:12 pm by cindy4dixie

The following information is taken from notes made at the sale. 

In order to honestly report this sale, the information will have to broken down into sections.


MULE Colts

EXCLUDING the no sales 16 colts sold averaging about $3450

NO SALE RATE on mule colts hit about 15% - this is covering 20 head

The highest sold colts were $5500 (sold outside ring) and $5200

Two brought in the $4000 range

Eight landed in the $3000 range



This is where some consideration must be taken into account

Matthew Hoover had some outstanding belgian colts at the sale.  

Eight of these colts came from the same farm, were all 5 and 6 months old.  These colts could be used to set the market for top belgian weanling colts.  Their average was knocking on the $3400 mark with zero no sales.

Middle grade colts averaged around $1700.  These colts were good stock, in good shape, averaged in age from 4 months to 20 months.  They were not the 'ideal' blonde with white highlights, but were sorrels and blondes mixed featuring salt and pepper tails on most.  Most appeared they would grow into big mares.

At this point of the sale 32 colts entered the ring.  17 of these 32 was a no sale.  There was nothing the auctioneer, Hoover Family, buyers could do to improve this run.  In my opinion, which everyone has one, those leaving with a no sale status were bid up to an acceptable amount.  Sure everyone wants to get $5000 for a colt but all colts are not created equal.  A personal point of view is a little high expectation was set on a lot of the stock that no sold and this was out of everyone's control.

Matthew Hoover had stock in the barn, he had buyers in the seats, he had empty trailers ready to load .... in consideration of the above noted from my point of view, Hoover had a good sale.  The overall no sale rate would be terrible but at this particular sale and having sit through it, I don't believe it to be a fair estimate to consider some of the stock in the averages of the sale.

Final word .... Hoover had some belgian colts that will be compared to in setting the market for sales to come from now to January.    The Mule colts were really scattered out between good and fair stock so it would be hard to select a dollar amount to compare to the upcoming sales for setting the market in the mule colts.

Before everyone gets defensive ..... this is just my opinion .... what I seen through my eyes.  I gathered the information myself and compared it to many sales in the past before rendering an opinion.  Of course, the sale is on my youtube channel, so you can judge for yourself and gather your own conclusions - which is what I suggest.  Otherwise, that the above information for what it is .... my opinion.  See you at the next sale!  

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