Cowhides & Doodads
Christmas Stockings are 21 inches in length and are leather on the back side.  

Stockings are $40 each.  

Visit the DIXIE STORE to purchase the stocking(s) of your choice.

Order each stocking individually as each is unique.  
Thank you for browsing through the Cowhides and Doodads on Dixie Longears.  Stop by the Dixie Longears Trailer when spotted at various events to look at the latest 'cowhides and doodads'!  --- Cindy, Abby, Codi
     Cowhide this and that, better known as doodads, are not only in style but very durable.
     Go on admit it .... cowgirls and lady muleskinners demand tough, fun, sassy doodads.  Some require longears and some shortears.
     Dixie Cowhides & Doodads offers a variety of cowhide items and accessories.  All of which revolve around a western / country theme.  
     A variety cowhide rodeo rugs is always on hand.  One of our favorite items we provide is "Designer, Customized Cowhide Rugs".   You choose the colors, the style and the size that fits the location the rug is to be used.  The following chart shows all of the options .... now let your imagination do the rest.
     These make great gifts and will be delivered to your home or chosen address.  Download CUSTOMIZE MY DESIGNER COWHIDE RUG and let your imagination run wild. 
     We also offer a variety of Rodeo Rugs, Duffle bags, Purses, Table Runners, Placemats, etc.  Another doodad we collect regularly is Earrings.  You will also find various 'mule' items. 
     Our goal is to post as many items as possible, but by all means take time to stop by the Dixie Longears Mobile Booth anytime you spot us at events, sales, rides, etc.