MJ 2022 Team 1


Ruth and Rosie have missed very few days in harness.  This is the 21st day of May and they are wagon training.  No traffic bothers, no attention paid to other teams or riders, minding their business and keeping that slow draft pace of about 4 miles per hour.  

April 24, 2022

Ruth and Rosie have proven themselves again and again during the past 4 weeks.  The team hauled about 30 loads of manure and spread it.  This weekend was beautiful in their home town so they turned ground.  All activities were totally without any problems.  This pair of mules is going to be a great asset to Mule Jam 2022

March 25, 2022

 Ruth & Rosie have just returned from the Montgomery Wagon Train.   Consignors state the team acted perfectly.  They continued to show good ground manners in all situations.   Ruth and Rosie did not care where they were in the wagon line up.  Railroad tracks, bridges, traffic did not bother this team.  They stayed alert to all going on around them but was not bothered by the other members of the group or activities.

March 10 2022 Update

Ruth & Rosie are on the Montgomery Wagon Train this week.  In preparing to take the trip, they were seen by a farrier and no problems were reported with getting new shoes.  Another task reported by handlers is the team has crossed railroad tracks on this trip without hesitation.  They are showing great ground manners on the trip.  The team will keep the pace set at and are not pushing the wagon in front of them.  Team is attentive and respond quickly when asked to walk, stop and stand.  More to come .....
Ruth and Rosie are 6 year old mare mules.  Have wonderful ground manners. Are in your pocket kind of mules.  They stand approximately 17'1 and 17'2 hands but will be measured in at Mule Jam upon arrival.  Are easy to shoe, easy to catch in the field and love people attention.  
The consignors of this team is Anna Nichols / Stanley Brown and have years of experience with equine of all kinds.  
Contract has been signed with Mule Jam 2022 to consign the team, as well as all fees paid.  
As a note to all, once a team  contract is signed with Mule Jam for consignment of a team to sale, they are officially off the market until August 2022 at the Mule Jam Auction.  This allows Mule Jam organizers the ability to advertise the teams, buyers to travel to Mule Jam with confidence the teams will be available for purchase and keeps the accepted number of consigned teams at the desired level.

Enjoy the February 2022 Team 1 slide show below;