MJ 2022 Team 10

Meet Team 10 .... broke by 3 generations of Muleskinners!

Team 10 has been accepted from the Kelso family who have 3 generations currently active in the mule industry.   These girls are 6 year olds and sorrel in color.  As the photos and video shows this team is broke and has been exposed to various types of activities.  Anyone who works mules will take note of the first photo the girls are in a 4th of July parade..... kids jumping up and down on the sidewalks, sirens and lights all around and these girls are just easing along taking in the view.
Take time to view the following video which exhibits their calmness while working around running equipment.  
Team 10 is going to be a team to keep your eye on during Mule Jam August 12 and 13th in Russellville KY
Video is proof .... this team is not phased by equipment or noise.  Live Stream