MJ 2022 Team 3

Meet Betty & Sue

Betty & Sue are 6 years old.  They stand 15'3 and 16'1 hands.  Betty and Sue have been owned by the same person for approximately 5 years and worked as a team.  These girls are a great size for a wagon team as they are easy to harness but big enough and stout enough to get the job done.  
Betty & Sue are black with tan nose and have their winter coat on in their preview picture.  They are now being worked on a farm in preparing for mule jam.  
Betty and Sue are going to be a team to keep an eye on.  Upon arriving, Betty and Sue were working a manur spreader in a team of four.  In just a few weeks this team will shed their winter coat and a shiney black coat will present itself.  This team works together well.  Look forward to seeing more of this team in days to come.