MJ 2022 Team 5

Meet Team #5 Opal & Ruby

This two year old team is going to be amazing.  I just can't stress this enough.  This team is being worked in the harness WITH MODERATION.  Meaning, they are being worked in a way that will not hurt them.  They pulll no heavier loads than they should.  This is the was to have a hands on broken team .... daily activity.  This the is 21st of May, Opal and Ruby are wagon riding with a group.  No major pulls involved just flat land riding.  Their pace is great, their ground manners are great and activities around them are taken in stride with curosity but not alarm.  
We are SO EXCITED to have the Kerry King Family entering a pair of mules in Mule Jam 2022.  For those who were at the Introduction Day of Mule Jam 2021, the King Family presented the team that pulled the child's barrel train.   
Yes, this team is young.  Yes they have a lot of growing to do.  But this team has accomplished more already than many do in a life time.  This team will be one of the nicest and most broke 2 year old teams around come August Mule Jam.  The King Family has built an amazing reputation in the mule industry in less than two years.    They are outstanding mule skinners and the whole family works to expose their teams to every situation one might encounter on a trail ride or parade or just an afternoon ride with the family.  
Opal and Ruby will be a team one can enjoy for a long time.  Again ,as with other teams, this team was selected due to the quality of the mules, the trainer reputation of being an honest exhibitor, and the expectation of the team when arriving in August.

The King Family Consignment will be a great asset to Mule Jam 2022.  Follow this team for updated information and photos in weeks to come.