Mule Jam 2023 Mack Motes Estate

Kit, Kat and Kate have been enjoying the back pasture since attending a parade in March.  They were caught, harnessed and took off as easy as anyone could ask.   Filmed July 16th, 2023
Kit, Kat and Kate
Names that many have heard ring out on wagon rides over the last few years.  Mack Motes was an all around horseman and muleskinner.  He passed these skills on to granddaughter Mandy Motes. 
Kit, Kat and Kate are in the care of Mule Jam Committee and will be auctioned off at Mule Jam right at noon CST. 
Mack played a large role in helping get Mule Jam off the ground.  His words of encouragement still help make decisions today with this event.
Kit, Kat and Kate are an amazing threesome!  They at 16'1 and 16'2 as shared by Ms. Wilma.  These grays are broke, broke, broke.  No quit, traffic safe, great ground manners, field work experience, wagon trained unlimited miles.  These mules are an amazing opportunity for someone.