Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 1 - Kate & Ester

Been wondering what Kate & Ester been up to?  Well they spent 4 days under the watchful eye of several wagon riders the end of March.  They ignored side-by-sides, traffic, wild life darting about and held their wagon in perfect form while exiting a ridge declining down into traffic.  This could be your next BIG, well behaved team!  I ask you to take a close look at the waggon Kate & Ester is pulling.  This wagon is equiped to live in for a week; so this is a heavy wagon.  Kate & Ester manuvered it through tight areas, held it like it was nothing coming off the ridge, while paying close attention to their surroundings!!  What more could one ask for?  Team 1 Mule Jam 2023 Kate & Ester!
Team #1 showing off skills on a 10 day ride .... no fear of traffic, listen, stand without issues or attention.  Check out Team 1 Talents
The 2023 Mule Jam Team #1 has been selected, committee approved and consigned.  Meet Kate and Ester. These girls are 4 and 5 years in age.  The blonde mare mules standing 17'3 and 18 hands (will be officially measured in at Mule Jam) and are two mountains. 
Enjoy this Kate & Ester Video and notice they are voice command, see the work pile completed day of video and how easy they handle in the lines.
Expect to see lots more of this team.  During March this team will be making the Montgomery Wagon Train trip that consist of 10 days and little over 180 miles.