Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 11


Keep in mind, this team is ONLY 2 year old!  They are so dedicated to please their 'person'.  They are trusting and are willing to try anything.  They will stand patiently and wait if in a crowd.  Step off when called on.
While watching this team you are going to find it hard to believe THEY ARE ONLY TWO YEARS OLD! As of April Wilma and Wanda stood 16'1 and still growing!
This team was mated and being trained by Casey Mitchell McCurry.  Casey has been influenced by one of the best in the business her uncle, Justin Mitchell.  Many know the Mitchell name in the mule industry via draft mules and riding mules.  But most know the Mitchell name to stand for honesty and hard work.  Casey Mitchell McCurry and her husband Corey are carrying on these family traits.
First photo is Wilma and Wanda in April.  Second photo is them getting shoes in June.  Growing, growing, growing .....
While keeping an eye on Team 11, Wilma and Wanda, be sure to glance over at Team 8 Andy and Barney being handled by Justin Mitchell.
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