Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 13

Pat & Jane

Pat and Jane are 4 years old mare mules standing 17.2 weighing approximately 1600 pound.  They are the true definition of gentle gians.  You can handle their feet, they are easy to catch and clip.  Pat and Jane have been used in all aspects of farming and are a truly ready for anyone anywhere.  They would be a great parade teams in fact they are so impressive to look at truly a show stopper team.  They would also be a great addition to any Plantation style hunting resort.  Pat and Jane sale with a guarantee!
The young teamster ground driving this team was doing so with a storm brewing over the hill. This video shows viewers two things 1) this team is voice command, and 2) this team of 17+ hand mules can be used in an open field to teach a four year old how to drive a team.  Notice in the video of him washing the mules .... he is moving all around, washing one and spraying the other in the head and this team does not bobble!  
This team is broke!  Great ground manners!