Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 4

Kit and Roady, 4 year old Mare Mules

We have seen Kit and Roady in parades, wagon trains, on the trails, in the water, in traffic and now in the field.  Johnny Kelso has used this team as his personal team for the past couple of years.  Johnny and Ms Sharon have attended event after event with this team.  Johnny visited a local family and hooked to equipment exhibiting Kit and Roady are field work ready.   Also take note of their 'non-reaction' to noise.  Kit and Roady Field Work
July 4th -- Kit and Roady in the parade & looking sharp!
This team is being handled by the Johnny Kelso Family.  Johnny had this team on a wagon train in March 2023 and they were already amazing. During the March 2023 ride, this team dealt with traffic, wooded trails and side-by-sides.  The team stood while on break and showed great ground manners.  As the photos show, the team came down a fairly steep trail, had to stop at the bottom to check for traffic and then continue when flagged out.  They were not bothered by the team in front of them walking off and waited until they were called on to move forward.   
This video was taken during Summer 2022.  One can only imagine how this team will be working by August of 2023.  Team 4 Summer 2022
Need a team Parade and Public Ready?  This may be the team for you!  Check out Mule Jam 2023 Team 4 in Parade Action
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