Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 6

Molly & Bonnie, 7 & 8 Mare Mules

This video of Molly and Bonnie exhibit several things.  First, this team not only does field work, they work with multiple hooks where needed with no problem.  Second, the voice command skills are responded to quickly.  Notice when the youth was at the lines, his arms was not hardly long enough to straighten out the four up.  Jeff called to the team and they stopped promptly.
Third, noise does not bother them as demonstrated in the gravel beings smoothed behind them. 
Many of us are thrilled when we can clip our teams without threatening, bribbing, twisting a nose or ear.  Well, here is a team that will stand in the stall, no halter and let you clip them .... EARS & ALL!  Broke, Broke, Broke.  We are so honored to have this team at Mule Jam 2023!  Do not miss this team!  MOlly & Bonnie Clipping & Weighing
This team of mules is beyond amazing.  They have been envied in the mule industry for several years.  Molly (age 7) and Bonnie (age 8) have been together since being colts and are full sisters.  Jeff Doss has drove this team unlimited miles, placed them in numerous situations and anyone seeing this team work will say they are a class act.  This team is eye-catching, broke and stand at 17'2 (will be officially measured at Mule Jam).  Many in the mule industry have watched this team since they were two years old.  Jeff Doss is an experienced mule skinner and teamster his expertise and diligence shows in the handling of this team.  Do not miss the chance to own this team!
Look closely at this team coming down the drive.  This is not a one time perfect video, this is the attitude and presentation of this team every time you see them coming.  Stunning appearance, ground manners, color, size .... this team absolutely has it all!   Molly and Bonnie on the move ....
Molly and Bonnie have been favorites at school and community events for many years.  They are traffic safe, have great ground manners in a crowd and are the perfect example of a gentle giant.
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