Mule Jam 2023 TEAM 7

Penny & Polly

Check out Team 7 Penny and Polly exhibiting NOISE DON'T BOTHER US
Color, size, attitude, ground manners, loads, clips, stands and now NOISE RESISTENT.  What this team stand while a gun is shot off behind them and no step off until asked! 
Check out Penny and Polly in action .... this is a perfect wagon team.  Not to big, but big enough and strong enough to get the job done.  Great matched pair, good attitude .....
Penny and Polly are full sisters, ages 6 and 7.  They are approximately 16' and total machines.  These two girls are very eager to please, have wonderful ground manners and are extremely broke.  They have been together their whole life and are happy to be in the back, in the front of a line or the lone wagon.  Great, great team!
Absolutely love this little sharp team of blonde mules.  They are full sisters and have a wonderful attitude.  They do not mind any activity and have a great work ethic.  They are consistent in any chore given them. 
Check the girls out in action ... Penny & Polly
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