A Peak at Past Columbia Mule Day Events

Eller Farms parade ready
Wagon Trains leave 7 to 10 days in advance to arrive at CMD
Relax and have fun
Family time
Parade ready
Show ring fun
Show ring fun
Dressed for guest
Queen and court love the mule colts
Show Time
Big victories
Wagon trains arriving
Wagons on the move
Here come the trains
Home cooking
Ms. Knoxie and her girls
Play time, fun time, family time
Opening ceremonies
Let those longears roll
Picture time
Rick Skillington at his favorite post
Taking home the ribbons
Crowd pleaser
Teaming up for a win
Roll on
Snack time!
My team can out pull your team
Wagon hoooo
Keep-em moving
Fun competition
Can't you go any faster
Hitch'en up to move out
Practicing for the show
Parade ready
Parade ready .... frozen .... but parade ready
Taking hom the ribbons
Ms. Knoxie .... gotta love her
Bring on the minis
Keep those ears up
Taking home the crown